Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Edel: Finding Authenticity In 200 Women I've Never Met Before

I’m sitting in Panera with my laptop, trying to settle my emotions and process all the words and experiences of this past weekend at the Edel Gathering (a conference for mama's to come "refresh, connect, and enjoy").  Have you ever experienced something you knew impacted you on such a deep level, but couldn't quite put your finger on how?  That’s where I’ve been for the past three days, post Edel.  A bunch of whirling thoughts and emotions with no place to land.  

In the spirit of full disclosure.....from the week leading up to the conference to peering through the doorway of the welcome cocktail party (of which I knew not a single person in real life) I was plagued with nerves... 

What was I thinking?!?  Why didn't I gather a posse to come with me to this thing???  
I'm covered in travel grime and should not be anywhere near a fancy event right now.  Deodorant is failing. 
Maybe I'll hide in the bathroom...

Thankfully, I had met Susan at the airport and was not walking into the room alone.  I still felt uneasy, but I was taken aback at how freely women struck up conversation with each other.  Our simple desire to attend an event like this was common ground, and I started to feel better.  

(I'm so thankful to Kathryn for opening her home to a few of us this weekend - my awesome roomie Bonnie & one of the only pics I grabbed this weekend)

The nerves promptly returned the next morning, but then Hallie spoke the words God placed on her heart to share with us:  "It is good that you are here."  They shattered my doubt and and I attempted to meet every nerve and anxiety that tried to sneak in throughout the weekend with those words.

It was an incredible time.  The speakers, the thoughtful details, the location, the was all so amazing.  I didn't leave myself much cushion on either end for travel, so the whole thing just felt like a whirlwind.  I've been praying for the Holy Spirit to help me sort through all of it since.

Right now there's a large group of mothers and their pre-teen daughters sitting next to me.  At first I was annoyed, because I’m a terrible person, and I thought they would be loud and boisterous and keep me from my "work".  Hello, Selfish. 

But I keep hearing names of different parishes and mentions of Bible studies, and excitement as they catch up with each other on life’s happenings.  A new job, plans for the upcoming school year, sharing pictures of their latest jaunt.

They are exactly what we are meant to be: a living, flesh and blood community.   So, many of us at Edel have lived in the isolation of motherhood.  As Jen said in the final address of the weekend, we can be honest that the work we do as mothers and wives is hard.  And it can be painfully lonely.  Many of us found connections through the interwebs, thanks to bloggers who share their experiences and foster a place of safe community. 

But my biggest take away from the weekend, is that God does not desire for us to stay there, behind our screens.  Edel lifted the electronic veil and enabled a real “I totally get you” bear hug embrace.   We need to look into a real set of eyes…with or without mascara.
 (stolen from Susan)

We also need those relationships to be authentic.   In a culture that loves to criticize, we must meet each other in a spirit of camaraderie, not judgment.  We’ve each been uniquely created, which means that our mothering will look different from the woman next to us.  Isnt’ that a great thing?  There isn’t a one-size fits all pair of mom jeans.  Thank God, right?  For more reasons than one! 

Some of us work full time outside the home, some are at home all day with the kids…some homeschool, some do public school….some love fashion, some love their Burks…some are introverts, some are extroverts.....some rock the red lipstick, some are addicted to their chapstick.

We are all exquisitely different from one another, but even more beautifully connected by our shared call:  to love.  Love God. Love our families.  Be the light of love in this world.  Everything else stems from there.

Before I left for this weekend, I was feeling overwhelmed by a self-imposed standard of womanhood that was crushing my every thought.  As a mom, a wife, a blogger, a homemaker, a friend, as a daughter of God…I felt like I was failing in every way.   According to who?  Me.  Well, not just me…..

Anxiety. Failure.  Self-doubt.  Fear.  Pride….none of those things are from God.  They are from the king of lies, and he works a very covert operation…..sneaking in when we aren’t aware and growing seeds of self-doubt.  Whispering our failures into our unsuspecting ears.  

I felt it even as I left the conference…

Why didn’t I introduce myself to more people? 
Why was I too chicken to talk to some of my favorite bloggers?  Or that woman across the room with her adorable baby?  
Why did I book the first flight out at 6am on Sunday??  Why didn’t I stay longer at the party?

Back. that. train. up.  That’s someone trying to steal the grace filled moments from the conference that I need to take with me - the unprecedented welcoming spirit of the women there; the anointed words of gifted speakers; the well of hospitality poured out on us; the honest conversations; the dancing; the karaoke.  

It was so good that we were there, regardless of our doubt.

Which made me think about why we can get so down on ourselves.  Between blogs, magazines, media, and Pinterest we're creating a standard of stylish homes and uber crafty mom-ness that is straight up unrealistic.  Don’t get me wrong.  I love me some Pinterest and heck, I blog about making your house home, so I appreciate all those inspiring's more the spirit of the unattainable standard. 

It’s not enough to have a pin-worthy home, it's the pin-worthy houses…pin-worthy clothes…pin-worthy hair…pin-worthy kids…pin-worthy marriages…pin-worthy bodies…pin-worthy meals….pin-worthy hobbies….pin-worthy faith.

What kind of reality is that?  Staged and exhausting. Void of real life. 

And what does it say about joy? That it comes from a picture perfect life and a super-woman cape that proclaims we can do it ALL.   Joy is found in much messier places.  In much harder places.  In much more raw moments.  

In a world that is often confused about true joy, we don't need to be afraid or ashamed of a messy life.  Your mess might look different than mine, but in one way or another (thank you, broken world) we all live messy lives.  It's why we need each other and our Redeemer so desperately. 

I read a timely morning devotional from “Jesus Today” by Sarah Young before I started tapping the laptop keys. A few highlights…

Take hold of the hope that I offer to you – and be greatly encouraged…….notice, however, that take hold is an active verb – requiring effort on your part.  As the apostle Paul taught, you need to press on toward the goal and live up to what you have already attained.  This requires you to exert yourself – grasping onto the heavenly hope from which so many blessings flow.

One of those blessings is encouragement.  Be encouraged is a passive form of the verb.  You receive encouragement as a free gift from Me when you make the effort to hold on to your hope – focusing on what I’ve already done…what I am doing….and what I will do.  I love to give good gifts in generous proportions.  So cling to hope, beloved, and you will be greatly encouraged. “

It’s important to understand our part, and it’s important to understand God’s.  We can often put the weight of God’s work on our own shoulders…and then fall under a burden that was never meant for us.  We are called to look heavenward, clinging to hope.  And God, in his goodness, gives blessings and grace for each moment.

As women, our words are among the most powerful when it comes to hurting or to uplifting our fellow sisters.  Edel was one of the few places I've been where there was a safety and solidarity from one woman to the acknowledgement that our work is hard, but the assurance that no matter our place in life, we are not at it alone. 

*There have been so many wonderful recaps of this epic weekend and Jen's hosting a link-up where you can find them all!  Hopefully the talks will be available on audio here soon too - gems, I tell ya!!

Thanks so much for reading! We would love to hang out!
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Thursday, July 24, 2014

Insta Updates From the Week

This week was a doozie!  The kids had VBS all week and loved every choreographed song-belting second.  It was in the late afternoon/early evening so they fed all the families dinner and held classes for the parentals.  Which meant not a single dirty dinner dish for me #glorious

A good thing too, since I'm headed to Austin for the Edel Gathering this weekend (eeek!!), and James' parents are coming to help corral children in for a visit.  We've been purging and cleaning and actually getting things up on the walls.  So, what made for a slacker blogging week, will make for lots of updates next week. 

A few peaks:

I finally got my Mother's Day gift up on the wall.  It only took me two months to find the right spot, but who's counting.

We're still working on bringing this little prayer corner together but progress is good!

We also swapped out the rug in our living room.  I jumped on the Rugs USA 4th of July sale but no one was loving the one I ordered (including me).  I finally broke down and ordered a second option - insta-better.  

The first one (bottom/left in this awful/gainy/night time picture) is promptly going back.

We also acquired the first of some baby gear!  And one is a prime candidate for a paint makeover. Can. not. wait!!!  I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!  It's midnight and I still haven't packed for my flight tomorrow morning.  Procrastination at it's finest!

Thanks so much for reading! We would love to keep in touch!
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Monday, July 21, 2014

DIY Ribbon Striped Book Basket

Our almost 2nd grader has proved to be a die-hard book worm.  After plowing through all the books she owned at the beginning of summer, we promptly took ourselves to the library and got that girl a library card.  We make a weekly trip where she stocks up on her favorite chapter books...mostly the Rainbow Magic series by Daisy Meadows and the Magic Tree House series by Mary Pope Osborne.

But with all those books floating around, inevitably a few float right into random piles of other books throughout her room and the house.  So, we put her new bookcase and a leftover basket to good use....and now have those special books corralled in one spot!

This ribbon striped basket helps keep library books corralled in one spot!

This basket used to hold dolls and stuffed animals, but after a little purging and reorganizing our girl's room, it was no longer needed.  Good thing I hadn't chucked it into the donate pile just yet because it was the perfect size for this project.  It was just a little plain.

 Nothing a roll of black ribbon and a hot glue gun couldn't handle.

I played around with my ribbon placement before cutting it and decided I wanted three black stripes starting just below the top edge.  This basket has handles near the top, so I started by wrapping one end of the ribbon just around the inside of the handle and securing it with a little hot glue.

I wrapped it around one of the long sides and secured it to the opposite handle.  Then, I cut another piece to wrap around the other side. 

The next two pieces were easy.  I took one long piece and secured it at the back corner along the bottom of the basket.  

I just wrapped it all the way around adding a drop of hot glue on the middle of each side and at the corners. 

Then, I placed the last ribbon centered between the two and did a repeat of the last step.

We filled it up with the current load of library books and placed it on the book shelf right behind her headboard.  Every morning this girl wakes up, opens her blinds, and picks up right where she left off on her last story.  She also reads here for quiet time.
This ribbon striped basket helps keep library books corralled in one spot!

Our little reader has also taken to keeping a notebook handy when she reads.  Sometimes she writes down ideas for her own stories or jots down clues if she's reading a mystery.  We keep it right next to her new basket.
This ribbon striped basket helps keep library books corralled in one spot!

Now we don't have any more scrambling and digging to find all the library books when it's time to return them.  She just grabs them all from the basket, puts them in her library bag, and she's ready for the next round of adventures.   And best of all, this project was totally FREE!
This ribbon striped basket helps keep library books corralled in one spot!

Has anyone else lived at the library this summer?  How do you keep track of library books in your home?

Thanks so much for reading! We would love to keep in touch!
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Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Girl's Room Update - The Bookcase Verdict

Over the weekend we managed to assemble, position, and secure not one but TWO bookcases.  That's like, award worthy for us these days. 

One went down to the basement to help sort the hubs book collection and the other went up to our girl's room.  We were inspired by a built-in unit with shelving behind the bed to address some much needed storage issues. But we needed a much less expensive option.

Enter the bookcase.  We had an IKEA gift card burning a hole in our pocket, so we opted for one of their HEMNES bookcases. It looks a little more high end than the BILLY series and we wanted it to work well in any area of our home should we play musical bookcases in the future. 

We moved Mia's bed back along the wall under the window (the bed's 5th move, as she reminded me)... 

...and we placed the bookcase directly behind her headboard.  However....the problem with not using custom or coordinated pieces is that things aren't going to be perfectly sized.  This bookcase is significantly smaller in width than her bed.
We debated centering it on the headboard or pushing it flush against the wall.  Ultimately we decided that having a small gap between the bookcase and wall was just an abyss of lost toys (and subsequent parent contortionist rescue efforts) waiting to happen.  We're also planning a wall of curtains along the outside of her bed that will hopefully disguise the uneven pieces.

The Little Miss immediately put her basket of current library books and her notebook on a shelf and declared "This is going to be great!".  I agree.  I think it's going to be the perfect place to keep her books corralled, yet easily accessible. And it will give us a place to display some of those special items currently stored in her closet. 
As for the lower shelves of the bookcase.....I was worried this would just end up a dust collecting spot and wondered if it was even worth storing anything on those shelves.  That shelf you see below her basket is actually the last shelf we placed.  We ended up leaving the bottom shelves off, creating a larger open space that happens to be the perfect size for storing her winter comforter.  The shelf blocks the view of it from the top and the bed blocks the view from the side.  Super concealed storage, perfect for something that only needs to be reached twice a year.

So, the final verdict?  I love, love, LOVE, having this storage right behind the bed.  And our girl seems to as well.  The fact that the bed sticks out past the edge of the bookcase is enough to set off my OCD tick but once we get the curtains up, I think it's a set up we can all live with.

If it ends up being as successful as we hope, then we'll start saving our pennies to make this a no-kidding built-in area one day.  Maybe once this new baby is ready to graduate to a big-kid bed.  But since we're still cooking this bun for awhile longer, we have plenty of time to save for that endeavor.

Next up - filling those shelves and curtains!

Thanks so much for reading! We would love to keep in touch!
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Friday, July 11, 2014

A Baby Update And Why I Don't Totally Hate The ER

I hoped to share an update on the Little Miss' room today, but clearly I haven't given this baby enough blog time...because earlier in the week we took ourselves right to the ER. 

*Be forewarned.  Pregnant TMI to follow.

It was sort of like backwards day for the with-child.  Most expecting women would love a break from having to run to the bathroom every 5 minutes, but I've had the opposite issue.  For the past week I've had trouble going after I wake up in the morning, but was usually able to experience bathroom normalcy after being up and about for an hour. 

Then one day it just never happened.  After 12 hours of not being able to pee, my doctor directed me to the ER.  I knew that would mean a catheter, which I now have a love-hate relationship with.  I wanted to avoid one at all costs, but it was the only way to get relief.  They drained over a liter from my bladder and I came home with my new BFF cath bag for the next 24 hrs #TMI #sorry

Turns out it happens to some pregnant women around the 13-14 week mark, just before the baby is large enough to finally "pop" that belly out from behind the pelvic bone.  A situation that usually resolves itself as the baby grows.

Unfortunately, one of the ways to prevent it from happening is to sleep propped up on your side or stomach and to head to the potty every 2-3 hours.  Even at night.  I now also have a love-hate relationship with my alarm.  I just keep reminding myself as I cursed the catheter and my too-cheerful-for-its-own-good alarm chime in the middle of the night, that this is much better than the pain that landed us in the ER.  I will take it.  And I will never take peeing for granted again.

I had a follow up with one of the two doctors I see at our practice, who happens to be a friend and their bladder specialist.  Win!  He was very reassuring and delivered the good news that I could take the night alarm down to just once in the middle of the night.  So awesome...because running on broken sleep when you can have limited caffeine = no bueno.

AND.  When he heard we hadn't received an early ultrasound, he hooked us up with a little peek at our bambino/a.   The doc was like a 4 year old trying to drive a car with the u/s machine but we were so thankful for that little shot of our babe just lounging away with legs straight up in the air. 

I don't think I realized how much I was holding back a stampede of "what if's" until we actually heard that perfect heartbeat and saw our baby on the screen.  At this point I'm feeling really thankful and am looking forward to poppin some baby belly...not just bloat belly. 

In other random news, I finally bit the bullet and got the fabric I've been eying for months. The color is actually a little more saturated in person.  It's a lot of color (even for me) but how can you not have a cheerful breakfast nook with curtains made from this?

Here's hoping anyway!  Have a great weekend!

*Has anyone else ever experienced the same inability to pee while pregnant?  The nurse and staff seemed completely baffled by the whole situation.

Thanks so much for reading! We would love to hang out!
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Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Inexpensive Gift Idea: Jazzed Up Frames

Today, I'm excited to switch things up and join Kristen Duke in her Birthday Celebration Week and monster Blog Hop! All week long, Kristen is sharing birthday tips and giveaways, so be sure to check out her par-tay!  And for anyone landing here for the first time...welcome! You can learn more about us and this here blog right over here.

Kristen pointed out that as we get older, some find it easy to just let their special day go, not wanting to draw unnecessary attention to themselves (ahem...guilty).  But birthdays are special, no matter your age!

She challenged over 100 bloggers to come up with an easy birthday gift idea that could easily be pulled together for a friend.  The goal was to keep it inexpensive and that we can do it more often!  With that in mind, I came up with a few different ways to jazz up a standard picture frame, using items I already had lying around the house.

 As for the other gift ideas...many of these are versatile for any occasion. And even better - most gifts are under $5, and have coordinating printables to make it super simple!

 101 Birthday Ideas for Friends
{Blog Hop Birthday designs by C {dot} love}

I chose a picture frame because one of the best things about our friends is the memories we create together. A frame can be used to express that in so many different ways.  Most of us probably even have a stash of empty frames we could pull from making this a nearly free project!  

Here are the three frames I picked up - two on sale from Target and one from IKEA (each under 7 bucks)

The IKEA frame got it's manicure on!  I just pulled from my stash of polish and had fun creating a simple pattern. 

The pop of color is perfect for displaying a black and white print.  

 The display frame was ideal for showcasing a special item from a fun event or something to recall a time where great memories were made together. We dolled ours up with a few stripes thanks to a gold sharpie.

The last frame has a nice detail on the inner edge so we just whipped up a simple printable placeholder to remind our bestie of the times we treasure with them.

Three super simple ways to show a friend how much they are loved and celebrated on their special day!

I often find hidden gift costs in the wrapping.  Two of my favorite go-to's for unique (and free!) gift wrap are twine and my fabric stash.  I'll pull a piece of fabric large enough to wrap around the gift and tie it up with twine from my craft closet.

 And sometimes I skip the fabric all together...
(You can grab the printable gift tags here and the coral 5x7 print here.)

Soooooo,  are you ready for some more birthday inspiration?! Join in the BLOG HOP! Click on each of links below each collage to see the gift idea and printable details.  And don't forget to follow the Birthday Gift Ideas Pinterest Board, for even more ideas and to save your favorites!

 >>>>>>>Important! Blog Hops often have glitches the first day. If the link has an ERROR, simply click on the HOME button for each site, or google the blog name next to the link, and you should see their gift post there. Links will be updated as soon as possible.<<<<<<<<<<<< free printable blog hop 
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blog hop free printables 
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Was there a gift idea that stuck out to you? Go ahead and visit your favorites and give them some love!

And don't forget to follow the Pinterest Gift Board:
 Follow Capturing Joy with Kristen's board Birthday Gift Ideas on Pinterest.

Thanks so much for reading! We would love to hang out some more!
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